Research plays an important role at the Virtual Reality Learning Lab. Our research focuses on potential use cases of VR & AR for teaching and training, but also more fundamentally on how these new human-computer interfaces can change the ways humans solve problems.

Together with students we build prototypes, run small experiments and do more theoretical, philosophical research.

Our research is mostly funded with our commercial activities. Robin was a guest PhD researcher at the Media Technology group at Leiden University, supervised by prof. dr. Bas Haring. He teaches courses at Leiden University and Tilburg University. We share our research output during symposia and on our research blog, following the Open Science movement.

Are you interested in some research we haven’t published yet? Or do you want to collaborate? Feel free to contact us!

Open science

By: Robin de Lange Inspired by the Open science movement, among which this Open Kitchen Science approach, I’ve decided to join this movement...