Research & Development

On this page you can find a selection of the R&D projects we’ve worked on in the past years.

Research programs

Research has been an essential part of our organization, ever since Robin founded the VR Learning Lab (2016), building upon the PhD research he was doing at Leiden University. We focus on the following research programs:

AI in the physical and virtual world

Our future with Augmented Reality

Learning through Virtual & Augmented Reality​

Effects of digital technology on school curricula​

We combine theoretical, artistic and applied research, which closely align with our development work

Talented students have an essential role in our R&D. We host six interns every year and we’ve guided hundreds of students in smaller projects and in the Honours Class that Robin teaches at Leiden University.

A few of our projects

Interactive pop-up museum

Future Arcade

We create interactive installations, games, and learning experiences that provoke contemplation about the future of the digital world and your role within it. Our curated best experiences are showcased in the Future Arcade, where we transform any space into an immersive interactive museum for your conference or workshop!

Physical AI

AI Photobooth​

We’ve visited many events with our AI Photobooth since its creation in the summer of 2023.

The goal of this installation is to let people experience the possibilities of AI in a relaxed, social setting. Visitors take a picture and are surprised by the result. This triggers conversations about the influence of AI on our lives.

Previous clients include: KRO-NCRV, Group M, Nacht van Ontdekkingen, Beeld & Geluid, AKD, Adchieve and the TU Delft Science Centre.

Tailored version

After the success of the AI Photobooth we’re transforming our installation into a sturdy, stable form that can be run independently with a completely tailor-made and brandable user experience.

Ideal for museums, large festivals or other places that want to give people a unique, futuristic experience.

VR experience in public space

Fort Brittenburg - Limescoop

Our virtual binoculars to view Ancient Rome. On permanent display in the dunes of Katwijk.

The Limescope (/liməˈskoːp/), our virtual binoculars, visualizes the Roman fort Brittenburg.  They are on permanent display in the dunes of Katwijk.

These virtual binoculars were developed on behalf of the team Romeinen Katwijk by VR Learning Lab, 100%FAT and Xinas with advice from archaeologist and publicist Tom Buijtendorp.

NOLAI Project - in development

Vocabulary with VR & AI​

We are partner of the ‘Nationaal Onderwijslab AI’ (NOLAI) consortium. Our responsibility is to develop an educational game for children aged 5-6 who need extra attention to expand their vocabulary.

The goal is to place words in a rich experiental context through a VR experience. And by using AI for speech recognition and natural dialogue, we aim to create an environment where students can practice their speech while playing small games in meanningful environments.

For this project we work in close collaboration with Flores schools and Radboud University. 

Speculative game & research

AR(e) you Ready?​

In this speculative game we challenge students to think about a future where we wear Augmented Reality glasses for the entire day.

Would you want the headset to suggest healthy choices?
Should we learn foreign languages if the glasses can do live translation?
Is it allowed to have AR events in public space?

This game was part of MediaMasters and was played >500.000 times on CoSpaces Edu, the game development platform that we also use for our programming workshops.

We’ve analayzed the results of more than 5000 student participants. Here you can read more about this research and here you can play the international version of the game.

Explore the information explosion

Infinite AI Gallery

After generative AI flooded the world with an endlessness of ‘artwork’, we decided that this also asks for an infinite gallery to display the artwork.

We’ve built this conceptual work in the beginning of 2023 and can now be rented as an installation.

AI Mirror

A new installation we’re working on where you think you’re watching yourself in a sort of mirror.

But then you’re somewhere completely different? And what happened to your friends? A new project on the cutting edge of live AI transformation to bring surprise and wonder to events.

AR transformation

Intern Aielynn is working on a functional Augmented Reality game where the goal is to catch accessoiries in order to become a character.

Made for museums who want to let their visitors experience becoming someone else.

Contact us

Do you have an idea for a VR/AR/AI project and are you looking for the right people to make your plans real?

Working on a grant proposal and would like to have a collaborating partner?

Older projects & experiments

We’ve been experimenting with XR & AI with students for quite a while.
Below you can find a selection of our older projects and experiments.


A working Augmented Reality app to add and view reviews for children’s books.

Made in 2014 aimed at libraries.


For MediaMasters we made a museum on the history of media: smoke signals, printing, television, social media and  VR & AR. Check out the virtual MediaMuseum here.

VR in school?

For this project two of our interns created a Unity project to explain how VR can be valuable as a tool for learning. Experience the value of VR in education… in VR.


An asymmetrical collaborative VR game. The player in VR zapps dinosaurs to the right time periode, but needs information the non-VR player possesses.

Partners: VR Learning Lab, Natualis and Leiden University

Pacman 360

A 360 stop-motion animation that went viral and received >5 million views.

Made with clay and a few friends on a random evening. 

Anger in VR

For valuable research on effective anger management strategies, participants need to be in a state of anger. That was the goal for this VR project.

Creators: Nesse van der Meer and Pieter Rohrbach with Robin as an external supervisor.