Learning through VR & AR

Discover the possibilities of Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality for education and training!

In this personal masterclass, we will guide you in designing and realizing your own innovation.

We can help you with questions like:

How can I integrate Augmented Reality in my classroom in a responsible way? 

What kind of Virtual Reality learning materials fit my lessons?

Can my students create their own VR & AR experiences? 

How can I spark the interest of my colleagues for my innovation?

What steps should we take to develop a business training with Virtual Reality? 

This personal masterclass will guide you in formulating your own answers to these questions by building a strong theoretical foundation and practising hands-on skills.

It’s a flexible program for teachers, L&D professionals and e-learning specialists who are enthusiastic about the possibilities of AR & VR for education and training.

As a student, you will receive 1-on-1 online support and access to our online courses. During our online events, you can exchange experiences with other professionals.

This way you can continue to develop safely, even in these times when we have to limit contacts due to COVID-19.

A closer look a this masterclass

Some of the topics that we discuss in this programme are:

You will gain access to the following learning resources:


Who is this for?

• Teachers in primary, secondary, vocational and higher education
• L&D professionals
• E-learning professionals

Study materials

When you participate, you get access to the VR Learning HUB, our online knowledge platform.

Choose your plan

You can opt for the masterclass on its own, or you can expand it to a thorough coaching trajectory, in which we provide you with extensive support in all the challenges of educational innovations.


Masterclass + Coaching trajectory

€ 325

Excluding VAT*

€ 1550

Excluding VAT*

What’s the plan?

Over the course of 3 months, we’ll help you create a plan for your own educational innovation.

Over the course of 12 months, we’ll help you in formulating, implementing and evaluating your own education innovation(s)!

Private training

2 hours, spread out over 3 monts
Video calls

18 hours, spread out over 1 year
Video calls / Face-to-face / VR meetings

Access to live online events, such as webinars and interviews, via the VR Learning HUB 

1 year


Access to online courses explaining all things VR & AR, via the VR Learning HUB



Access to our curated database with learning materials, inspiration, research & creation tools, via the VR Learning HUB

1 year


Access to our online alumni network


*VAT percentage depends on your country of residence.
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Over the course of 3 months, we’ll help you create a plan for your own educational innovation.

€ 525

Excluding VAT*

Masterclass + Coaching trajectory

Over the course of 12 months, we’ll help you in formulating, implementing and evaluating your own education innovation(s)!

€ 1750

Excluding VAT*

Learning resources

This personal masterclass combines a range of learning resources. You will have access to private tutoring, online courses, events, databases and our network of alumni and other experts.

Private training
Private training is the main component of this masterclass. The coaching trajectory offers the possibility of meetings in VR!

Personalized exercise and feedback
We support you in formulating a plan for an innovation that you would like to implement in your organization with detailed feedback.

Online events
We organize online events on all kinds of topics related to VR & AR in education. How could you use VR in healthcare education or in special education? What role can VR play in distance learning? You can find an overview of our upcoming and past events here.

Online network
We invite you to use our forum together with other (former) students and our team for questions and answers, discussions and inspiration. As a student, you will always have access to this forum.

Online courses On our online learning platform, the VR Learning HUB, you will find a series of multimedia courses to build your skills & knowledge. We’ll help you to establish which courses are the most relevant to your goals. But feel free to follow your interests and discover the other courses!

Database with VR & AR teaching materials, tools and inspiration You also get access to our up-to-date and curated collection with links to teaching materials, research, inspiration and VR and AR creation tools.

VR Learning HUB

The teaching material for this masterclass can be found on the VR Learning HUB. This is our knowledge platform and an international network for VR enthusiasts from all over the world.

The VR Learning HUB allows you to discover and discuss the many aspects of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality in education. During online events, you can deepen this knowledge, meet other enthusiasts and get inspired even more. A powerful combination!

The VR Learning HUB is the bundling of knowledge that we have built up in recent years about the applications of Virtual & Augmented Reality for education and training. In our research and during our honours classes at Leiden University. And during our workshops, masterclasses and lectures for education professionals.

Who are we?

Virtual Reality Learning Lab is located in Leiden, and founded by Robin de Lange.

For more than five years, we have focused on VR & AR for training and education. We do this by conducting fundamental research, by building prototypes, by teaching at Leiden University and Tilburg University and by training hundreds of teachers, educational publishers and e-learning professionals. We bundle our expertise on the VR Learning HUB. And we are continuously expanding this platform.

Our customers come from the following organizations, among others: 


You can book your masterclass right now. 

Not sure whether this masterclass is what you’re looking for? Contact us or create a free VR Learning HUB account that gives you access to a subset of the courses on our platform.

Wat others say:

"It was a very inspiring masterclass. I got a good overview of the possibilities of VR and AR in education and there was plenty of room to get started with my own ideas and projects."
Sonia Palha
PostDoc @ University of Amsterdam
"Educational masterclass with an experienced trainer."
Bert Hulsbergen
Docent@ Aventus MBO


The Virtual Reality Learning Lab complies with the quality code for training institutes for short-term vocational education and was audited for the first time in August 2017 on the basis of the CRKBO quality standards drawn up by the CPION