Our international services

We help schools, training companies, universities, libraries and other organizations who want to use Virtual Reality en Augmented Reality to learn and work in new ways.

We provide training for individual professionals and for entire teams.

Research and development are an essential part of our organization. Both commissioned and for our own research programs.

Training for individual professionals

Master class: Learning through VR & AR

Do you want to get started with VR & AR in your education and training? More than 200 education professionals preceded you in this course, where we help you design and realize your own innovation.

Master class: Teaching Digital Skills

Do you see the value of Maker Education and do you want to advance your skills? Learn how to challenge students to program robots, develop VR / AR experiences and design their own apps! We'll offer you the teaching materials that our teachers use as well.

Master class:
Designing our Augmented Reality

How can we learn in new ways and solve problems with Augmented Reality? How does this affect our society? Expand your digital skills, immerse yourself in academic research, create prototypes and work on real innovations.

VR Learning HUB

The VR Learning HUB is our online platform meant to help  you in using Virtual and Augmented Reality for your teaching or training. It’s filled with online courses and ready-to-use VR & AR content. And we organize online events and meetings to help you with your personal goals!

For your organization

VR Learning HUB partnership

To help your entire team, we offer group memberships to the VR Learning HUB. We combine those with personalized (online) workshops to help you with your challenges!


Keynote lectures

For secondary education, MBO and other pupils and students we offer guest lessons, project days or a whole series of lessons.



Are you looking for a partner to help you in developing your interactive 360 video or full VR simulation? We can help you with forming your concept and business case and bring your idea to a finished product.

Research and development

Research and development form an essential part of our organization. We have our own research programs which include fundamental research and applied experiments with students. Creating prototypes is an important part in this.

Augmented Reality & Human-Computer Collaboration

In this research program we focus on how emerging computer interfaces like Augmented Reality help people solve problems more effectively and change the future of work.

VR Learning Lab bw 3D drawing

Learning through Virtual Reality

How can VR & AR help us to learn in new ways? What is the didactic value of these technologies? And how do you use this effectively in different learning situations?

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