Our international services

We help schools, training companies, universities, libraries and other organizations who want to use Virtual Reality en Augmented Reality to learn and work in new ways. We provide training for individual professionals and for entire teamsResearch and development are an essential part of our organization. Both commissioned and for our own research programs.

Training for professionals

During our Masterclasses, you can practice skills and acquire in-depth knowledge about VR, AR and other new technologies with applications in education and training.


Masterclass: Learning through VR & AR

Do you want to get started with VR & AR in your education and training? More than 200 education professionals preceded you in this course, where we help you design and realize your own innovation.


Masterclass: Teaching Digital Skills

Do you see the value of Maker Education and do you want to advance your skills? Learn how to challenge students to program robots, develop VR / AR experiences and design their own apps! We'll offer you the teaching materials that our teachers use as well.

Men playing virtual reality with hololens

Masterclass: Designing our Augmented Reality

How can we learn in new ways and solve problems with Augmented Reality? How does this affect our society? Expand your digital skills, immerse yourself in academic research, create prototypes and work on real innovations.


Platform: VR Learning HUB

The VR Learning HUB is our online platform meant to help you in using Virtual and Augmented Reality for teaching or training. It's filled with online courses and ready-to-use VR & AR content. We offer group memberships with personalized online events to the VR Learning HUB.

For your event

Looking for a way to organize a study day, company outing or symposium? We offer a wide range of inspiring activities.


Talks & lectures

Robin gives keynote presentations, often about the future of the digital world and what this means for education. We combine this with live VR/AR demonstrations!

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Overwhelm your audience with a live mixed audiovisual performance featuring AI generated images, VR art and plenty of audience interaction.


Infinite Gallery

As you walk through this 3D world, new parts of the museum are generated in real time, allowing you to explore it endlessly. The installation is available for your event.


AR Photobooth

This 'photobooth' allows you to experience the strange possibilities of generative AI. Take a picture with your friends or colleagues and find out what will happen.

Commissioned projects

Research and development form an essential part of our organization. We have our own research programs which include fundamental research and applied experiments with students. Creating prototypes is an important part in this.



Are you looking for a partner to help you in developing your interactive 360 video or full VR simulation? We can help you with forming your concept and business case and bring your idea to a finished product.


Virtual binoculars: 'Limescoop'

Together with 100%FAT we worked on these binoculars. You look back to a time when the Romans still walked around in the Netherlands. The 'Limescoop' is located at the end of the Limes, near the coast in Katwijk. Free and accessible to everyone.


Research and development form an essential part of our organization. We have our own research programs which include fundamental research and applied experiments with students. Creating prototypes is an important part in this.

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Learning through Virtual Reality​

How can Virtual Reality help us learn in new ways? What is the didactic value of these techniques and how do you use them in educational practice?

That is the subject of our ongoing research program and the previous Honors Classes that Robin gave for Leiden University.


Design with AI

A range of new tools allows us to create text, images, videos, 3D objects and virtual worlds in collaboration with AI. These developments are major for the makers of the future.

We explore the possibilities of generative AI through design research. How do you use AI meaningfully in the design process? And how do we involve pupils and students in these developments in a responsible manner?

Men playing virtual reality with hololens

Our future with AR

How will AR change our world? Will we still be able to distinguish reality from fiction? Which privacy issues will arise? What impact will this technology have on our public space? And what does it mean to be smart in a world where AR headsets help us in our daily activities?

In this research we follow methods of speculative design to visualize possible futures.

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