We believe that Virtual and Augmented Reality are powerful computer interfaces that create possibilities for new ways of learning and solving problems. This allows people to understand the world -and the humans in it- a little better.

We do fundamental research, curate existing applications and create prototypes. We share our knowledge through our blog, (online) courses, workshops and masterclasses.

In addition to this, we develop our own VR and AR applications, support students who want to get started with VR and offer advise to schools and other organisations on the latest developments in the field.


We are located in PLNT Leiden. Below you can find a virtual tour of PLNT and our office.

Who are we?

The VR Learning Lab operates with a network of students, researchers and freelancers and often collaborates with different companies and research institutions.

These are the people who run the day-to-day activities of the Lab:


Are you interested in working for the VR Learning Lab? Have a look at our vacancies (in Dutch)!


The Virtual Reality Learning Lab meets the quality standards for educational institutes as defined by the Dutch institute CPION.

Warp VR Expert

Warp Studio is a tool for developing distributing and analyzing immersive training environments in VR. While organisations can develop their own learning materials with Warp VR, Warp also has a few partner organisations called ‘Warp VR Experts’. This way an organisation can entrust the development of these materials to the experts. The Virtual Reality Learning Lab is one of those Warp VR Experts!

De Leidse Aanpak

De Leidse Aanpak for Talent Development is a network of roughly fifty partners. The goal of this collaboration is to help discover and develop talented 0-24 year olds in the city where the VR Learning Lab is located: Leiden.

The Virtual Reality Learning Lab is a partner of De Leidse Aanpak and helps young people find the right tools to develop themselves into true programming-prodigies!

Terms and Conditions

Here you can find the Terms and conditions of the VR Learning Lab. Currently only in Dutch.

Complaint procedure

We aim to be a transparent organization that offers services of the highest quality for its clients. If you aren’t completely satisfied with our services you can have a look at our conplaint procedure.

Details for procurement

Below you can find all the details needed for sending and receiving invoices.

Name of the organization: Virtual Reality Learning Lab
Contact: Robin de Lange
Email: mail@vrlearninglab.nl
Telephone: + 31 6 11952499

Billing address: Prinsegracht 7a, 2512 EW Den Haag, The Netherlands
Visiting address: PLNT, Langegracht 70, 2312 NV Leiden, The Netherlands

Legal form: sole proprietorship
KvK (Chamber of Commerce): 56241089
VAT: NL002189135B13