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VR Learning Lab

At the Virtual Reality Learning Lab we explore the possibilities of Augmented, Mixed and Virtual Reality for teaching and training. We perform fundamental research, create prototypes and develop complete applications.

By organising workshops, university courses and masterclasses we help students, professionals and organisations to implement these new media.

Get started with VR in the classroom: our services

We help individuals and organisations as libraries, schools and companies who are working on education and training, to get started with the implementation of VR in education. An example is the open masterclass we developed for professionals in education.

We also offer in-house masterclasses, which focus on needs and wants that occur in specific contexts. For shorter sessions we organize demonstrations, workshops and lectures.

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Masterclass Virtual and Augmented Reality in Education

Would you like to get started with virtual and augmented reality in the classroom? During our masterclasses, we support professionals in primary, secondary and higher education as well as Learning and Development professionals, educational material developers and media coaches with the implementation of vr and ar in education.

In-house masterclass
The in-house Masterclass are tailor-made and intended for companies and other organizations who hope to renew their trainings through the use of Virtual Reality.

In-house Masterclass

Open masterclass
The open masterclass is offered in Dutch only and takes place at the Virtual Reality Learning Lab.

Open Masterclass

VR in the classroom, an introduction

Are you interested in the potential of vr in education but is this a whole new playing field for you? Read the article ‘Virtual Reality in the classroom, but how?’ on our blog.

A lot of teachers and educators we talk to turn out to be excited about the possibilities of Virtual Reality in the classroom. Seeing how impressive Virtual Reality experiences … Read more

About the VR Learning Lab

The goals of the lab are to advance knowledge on Virtual Reality as a learning tool, accelerate the use of VR in education and to share gained knowledge and experience. To achieve these goals, we do fundamental research, teach courses, organise workshops and masterclasses, develop applications and support students and advise organisations on developments in this field.

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